Equipment: Potato Ricer

Subject: Potato Ricer
From: nita at (Nita Reber)
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 1997 13:56:14 GMT
Hi, just courious,anyone out there use a Potato Ricer,they are not to popular anymore but years ago we used them a lot when we did'nt want mashed potatoes.......nita
From: sue at (Curly Sue)
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 05:08:16 GMT
Only use it when I make gnocchi.
From: mollyg at
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 00:58:36 GMT
Yup, I've got one of those, and had a heck of a time finding it too! I _think_ I finally went to Williams Sonoma and got it there, but I'm not sure, I know I paid way too much for it, but heck, I like riced potatoes!
From: lorna at (Lorna Lenehan)
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 22:54:29 -500
Had a ricer, but bent the handles something awful one day and tossed it. Instead of a ricer, I now use a food mill -- the European thingie with the crank handle that forces the food thru a plate; mine came with 3 plates with different-sized holdes.

Makes great mashed potatoes (just stir in the milk and butter), and is also the best thing for removing skins and seeds from tomatoes etc. Definately low tech but a great tool. You should be able to pick one up for about $15. If you're into the tomato thing, pass on the plastic ones and spring for the stainless steel.
From: leig at (Lei Gui)
Date: 14 Mar 1997 21:54:20 GMT
I too use a ricer and I find it handy for vegetables as well. Makes a smooth product.. I even use it to rice dough for really tiny stringly dumplings in soups.
From: dweller at (Douglas Weller)
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 21:35:07 GMT
I do, love them that way. And as ricers are still available (at least in the UK), I presume others must!
From: mijako at (Kathy)
Date: 9 Mar 1997 01:23:13 GMT
I had never heard of a potato ricer until my husband told me his mother *always* used one for her mashed potatoes. We went on a search for one and finally found it at Crate and Barrel. What a difference! Perfectly lumpless potatoes (if you like them that way of course) -- I now use it every time I make mashed (riced) potatoes.
From: Liam (saiga at
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 12:45:42 -0800
I occasionally rice my potatoes, but I do it with my spatzel press. Works great.
From: Joel.Ehrlich at (Joel Ehrlich)
Date: 09 Mar 97 00:10:02 GMT
Use one alla time. 'Specially when I'm smashin' taters. I use my KA when I feels like whippin' 'em.
From: steven l. sesar (sls at
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 03:35:31 GMT
actually, pass hard boiled eggs through a potato ricer, season as you normally would an egg salad & you've got an egg salad with a perfect consistency
From: Don Kleist (kleist at
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 07:41:19 -0600
My potato ricer in an essential tool for me to make mashed potatoes. I just boil the potatoes in salted water, pour off the water and let them sit for a couple of minutes so the clinging water evaporates. Then I pass the potatoes through a ricer into the workbowl of my mixer. I add butter and milk and let the mixer do the hard work. Mashed potatoes this way are definitely lump free and have a delightful texture.

BTW - My ricer of of rather recent origin and is made of plastic, but has a stainless disk with holes through which the potatoes pass. I wouldn't be without it.
From: lady at (Lady)
Date: 15 Mar 97 21:13:51 GMT
I found a ricer at the swap meet a few years ago. Poor old thing was only 25 cents. I use it everytime I make mashed potatoes. I think it makes the BEST potatoes - remind me of the ones my Gramma used to make.
From: pdavis at (Pamela Davis)
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 19:42:24 GMT
I responded to this on another thread. Precisely because of rfc'ers recommending ricers I got one for Christmas. I find it does the job just as beautifully as my hand mixer. For me, it's a tossup between the hassle of assembling the mixer and the waste and cleanup problenm of the ricer. Mine came from Lechters and is shaped like a wedge with holes on two sides, bigger than other ricers.
From: ewilli3 at
Date: 24 Mar 1997 22:21:27 -0500
Please pardon the clueless newbie (to r.f.c) question - what the heck is a potato ricer??? and how does it work??
From: Sheldon (penmart10 at
Date: 25 Mar 1997 17:29:42 GMT
>Please pardon the clueless newbie (to r.f.c) question - what the heck is a
>potato ricer??? and how does it work??

Oh, it's a thing you put rice into, squeeze the handles together, and out come potatoes.