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Subject: Help with leftover mashed potatoes
Newsgroup: rec.food.cooking


From: hervey[at]cris.com (Shaun)
Date: 10 Oct 1996 15:16:24 GMT
I have enough leftover mashed potaotoes to feed a small army. Other than
eating them with gravy or possibly repairing holes in the ceiling, what
might I do with them? Potato pancakes? Potato bread? What?


From: nancy-dooley[at]uiowa.edu (Nancy Dooley)
Date: 1996/10/10
Both.  Also, you can freeze them and use them later.  I have a kolache recipe 
that has a mashed potato dough.  You can make potato soup (more like "twice 
baked potato soup") using the mashed potatoes, Cheddar cheese, sour cream, 
minced scallions, crumbled fried bacon and parsley flakes.


From: Nathalie Chiva 
Date: 1996/10/11
Make what in France is called hachis Parmentier:
Fry some ground meat with onions, spices, whatever you like it with.
When cooked, put in a deep round oven-proof diskh (buttered). Top with
your leftover mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with tiny butter bits. Put in
oven for 1/2 hour to 3/4 hour. Not subtle, not nouvelle cuisine, but
very nice.


From: Judy Bettinger 
Date: 1996/10/11
I love using leftover mashed potatoes to make soup:

Saute a few leeks or onions in some butter or oil.  Or,
fry up a little bacon and saute them in bacon fat.  (I
know, I know - cholesterol city!)

Add a hefty blob of the potatoes, and some skim milk.
Heat to a simmer and serve.


From: Planet 
Date: 1996/10/15
Valerie Lauterbach wrote:
>My grandmother used leftover mashed potatoes for lefse, 
>potato doughnuts, or a peculiar candy which consisted of
>mashed potatoes mixed with coconut and sugar and formed 
>into 1" balls and dipped in chocolate.  I don't remember 
>what it was called.

 Hi Valerie-

 In Maine, that candy is called Needhams. We have 1,000,001 uses for 

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