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Subject: Need Recipe for potatoe pancakes


From: eoliver44[at] (Eoliver44)
Date: 11 Nov 1998 13:29:01 GMT
When my Mom passed away last month she took with her the recipe for the best
potatoe pancakes I've ever eaten.  
I'd like suggestions on how to make them.
Here is what I think I know about them thus far:

Shred onions
Shred potatoes (boiled?)
mix in flour (how much)
milk (?)

make a batter and cook quickly in a skillet.

That's all I can piece together.  Please fill in the gaps or add a new way to
make them.

Thanks all.


From: rania[at] (Rania Merkel)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:37:06 GMT
The LA Times had a feature on latkes once; here's the potato pancakes you
requested plus a few "different" latkes.

Perfect Potato Latkes

Recipe By:  LA Times
Serving Size:  12
Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Vegeterian Entrees   

Amount   Measure  Ingredient  Preparation Method
4     baking potatoes   peeled
1  large onion grated
1  tablespoon  lemon juice 
4  medium   eggs  
4  tablespoons all-purpose flour 
   pinch baking soda 
1  teaspoon salt  
      black pepper   
      oil   for frying

Grate potatoes using food processor or fine shredder. Immediately transfer
to large bowl, and add onion, lemon juice, eggs, flour, baking soda, salt
and pepper to taste.  Mix well.  Heat 1/8 inch oil in 4-inch nonstick
skillet over medium heat. Ladle batter into hot  oil with large spoon, and
flatten latkes with back of spoon. Cook on 1 side just until golden brown,
3 to 5 minutes, then turn and cook other side. Turn once only. Drain well
on paper towels, and serve immediately, plain or with topping of choice. 

Per serving: 65 Calories; 2g Fat (21% calories from fat); 3g Protein; 10g
Carbohydrate; 61mg Cholesterol; 198mg Sodium
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Thick and creamy Potato latkes

Recipe By:  Cook's Illustrated
Serving Size:  14
Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Vegeterian Entrees   

Amount   Measure  Ingredient  Preparation Method
2  pounds   potatoes peeled
1  medium   yellow onion   peeled and chopped
1  large egg   
4  medium   scallions   minced
3  tablespoons parsley  minced
1 1/2 teaspoons   salt  
      ground black pepper  
1  cup   vegetable oil  

Grate potatoes in a food processor fitted with coarse shredding blade. 
Place half potatoes in fine mesh sieve over medium bowl and reserve.  Fit
food processor with steel blade, add onions, and pulse with remaining
potatoes until all pieces measure about 1/8 inch and look coarsely
chopped, 5 to 6 second pulses.  Mix with reserved potato shreds in sieve
and press against sieve to drain as much liquid as possible into bowl
below.  Let potato liquid stand until starch settles to bottom, about 1
minute.  Pour off liquid, leaving starch in bowl.  Beat egg, then potato
mixture and remaining ingredients (except oil) into starch.
Meanwhile, heat 1/4 inch depth of oil in 12 inch skillet until shimmering,
but not smoking.  Working one at a time, place 1/4 cup potato mixture,
squeezed of excess liquid and pressed into 1/2 inch disc, in oil.  Press
with nonstick spatula; repeat until 5 latkes are in pan.
Maintaining heat so fat bubbles around latke edges, fry until golden brown
on bottom and edges, about 3 minutes.  Turn with spatula and continue
frying until golden brown all over, about 3 minutes more.  Drain on a
triple thickness of paper towels.  Repeat with remaining potato mixture.

Per serving: 187 Calories; 16g Fat (75% calories from fat); 2g Protein;
10g Carbohydrate; 13mg Cholesterol; 240mg Sodium

Red Pepper Latkes

Recipe By:  
Serving Size:  8
Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Vegeterian Entrees   

Amount   Measure  Ingredient  Preparation Method
2     bell peppers   roasted
1     shallot  finely chopped
      olive oil   
2  tablespoons butter   
      black pepper   
1  cup   whipping cream 
1 1/2 cups  flour 
1  tablespoon  baking powder  
1  cup   milk  
3     eggs  separated
2  tablespoons chives   minced
8  sprigs   cilantro leaves only

Chop 1 bell pepper into small dice. Set aside. Cut remaining bell pepper
in half. Cut 1 half into very thin strips. Mince other half almost to
consistency of puree, and set aside. Saute corn, diced bell pepper, bell
pepper strips and shallot in 1 tablespoon olive  oil and butter 2 minutes.
Season with salt and pepper to taste and stir in whipping cream. Simmer
over medium-low heat 15 minutes. Set aside.  Sift flour, baking powder and
1 teaspoon salt into bowl. Stir in milk and egg yolks. Beat egg whites
until they form soft peaks, then fold into egg yolk mixture. Fold in
reserved minced peppers.   Lightly brush skillet with olive oil and heat
over medium heat until drop of water sizzles. Spoon or pour 3-inch latkes
into skillet and cook over medium heat, 2 to 3 minutes per side. 
To serve, place warm pepper-and-corn sauce on each plate and top with 2
latkes.  Garnish with chives and cilantro. 

Per serving: 268 Calories; 17g Fat (56% calories from fat); 7g Protein;
23g Carbohydrate; 121mg Cholesterol; 216mg Sodium

Ricotta Latkes

Recipe By:  LA Times
Serving Size:  30
Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Breakfast   Vegeterian Entrees   

Amount   Measure  Ingredient  Preparation Method
15 ounces   part-skim ricotta cheese   
4  medium   eggs  
6  tablespoons all-purpose flour 
2  tablespoons butter   melted and cooled
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar 
1  teaspoon vanilla extract   
      vegetable cooking spray 
      jam   optional
      vanilla yogurt optional
      sour cream  optional

Process ricotta, eggs, flour, butter, sugar and vanilla in food processor
or blender, in batches if necessary and scraping down sides of container
few times during processing, until batter is smooth and consistency of
thick cream. (Batter will be thinner than most pancake batters.)  Preheat
griddle or large skillet over medium heat, and brush lightly with butter.
Spoon 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons batter for each pancake onto preheated
griddle. When few bubbles have risen to surface and bottoms are golden
brown (pancakes will not rise), about 2 minutes, turn once and cook
briefly on second side just until golden brown, about 2 minutes more.  
Serve pancakes with jam, applesauce, yogurt, sour cream or other pancake 
accompaniment of choice.

Per serving: 43 Calories; 2g Fat (52% calories from fat); 2g Protein; 3g
Carbohydrate; 31mg Cholesterol; 33mg Sodium

Sweet Potato Latkes

Recipe By:  
Serving Size:  4
Preparation Time: 0:00
Categories: Vegeterian Entrees   

Amount   Measure  Ingredient  Preparation Method
1 3/4 pounds   sweet potatoes peeled
1     onion 
5     egg whites  
1/2   teaspoon salt  
1/4   teaspoon ground white pepper  
1/3   cup   flour 
1 1/3 cups  applesauce  optional

Grate sweet potatoes and onion in food processor with grating disk or
through  large holes of hand grater. Transfer to large bowl.  Beat egg
whites lightly with salt and pepper and add to potato mixture. Mix well.
Add flour and mix well.   Heat 2 tablespoons oil over medium heat in heavy
nonstick 10- to 12-inch skillet. Fill 1/4-cup measure with mixture,
pressing to compact, and turn out in mound in skillet. Quickly repeat for
3 more latkes. Flatten each with back of spoon to form 2 1/2- to 3-inch
cake and press to compact. Cook 1 1/2 minutes per side. Remove to 
nonstick baking sheet with slotted spatula.  Continue with remaining
batter, adding a little more oil to pan and stirring batter for  each
Bake at 450 degrees until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Turn over and
bake 5 more minutes. Serve hot with applesauce if desired. 

Per serving: 288 Calories; 1g Fat (2% calories from fat); 8g Protein; 63g
Carbohydrate; 0mg Cholesterol; 357mg Sodium


From: A.Ferszt <a.ferszt[at]>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 15:46:48 -0800
Nearly there. Potatoes used normally raw, but there are variations with
cooked ones. Need an egg and some salt.

Mix grated onions and potatoes with egg and salt (nutmeg too in my
family). Add enough flour to form thick batter. Try frying a bit to see
how the texture goes. If thinning is needed, I use water rather than
milk, but I suppose milk's OK (unless you're planning on serving them
with a meat dish and you keep kosher).


From: lizard3[at] (Julie)
Date: 12 Nov 1998 01:11:12 GMT
First - I think there might be a recipe on the Manischewitz matzoh meal
box that is a lot of Moms' recipe. 

I don't have a recipe per se, but here's how I make them

peel 4 medium potatoes, placing the peeled ones in a bowl of cold water
to cover to prevent browning. 

Grate potatoes into large mixing bowl. Grating the potato correctly is
the key. You do NOT want to shred them cause then you end up with hash
brown latkes, not real latkes. You want to turn them into mush.

My mom uses her food processer to turn them into mush by cutting them
into smallish pieces and mushing them with the steel knife. You can
also shred them first, then use the steel knife to mush the potato. The
food processor mush is satisfactory.

The absolute best way to grate potatoes for latkes (IMHO) is by using a
small grater that is nothing but a rectangular frame strung criss cross
fashion with sharp edged wire. Lay this remarkable and hard-to-find
grater across a bowl, cut the potatoes into halves or quarters and rub
them across this grater. WARNING: this grater is partial to knuckles
and finger tips and fingernails. Don't try to grate down to a teeny
weeny piece of potato...waste a little and save your knuckles.

The grater method is especially suited for small batches of latkes (a
couple of dozen).

Once the potato is grated, tip the bowl and try to drain off any water
that has separated out of the taters. Then take an onion and grate a
few tablepoons into the potato. I like to mush the onion or use the
same grater that I used for the potatoes. Stir well.

Add one beaten egg and mix well. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of matzo meal.
Matzo meal is great because it is already cooked, so you don't get a
raw taste in the latkes, and it absorbs lots of liquid. Add salt to
taste (1/2 teaspoon is good) and a few grinds of pepper.

Place by large spoonfuls in a frying pan with about 1/2 - 3/4 inch hot
oil. Do not use canola oil as it smokes at a low temperature (I learned
the hard way). Cook a 5 minutes per side, about. Each batch cooks

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