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Subject: potato salad


From: Lynda Wray <qpup[at]>
Date: 2 Apr 1998 21:26:28 GMT
Can anyone lead me in the direction of a good potato salad recipe??  



From: Katie Jacobs <kjacobs[at]>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 15:05:40 -0800
How about Potato, feta, and scallion salad; or Russian Potato salad made
with red potatoes; grilled potato salad or Mexican potato salad.
Found all these at the Recipe Club
Used the title search for 'potato salad' and these came up and more.


From: Arkie
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 23:14:25 GMT
This is the way I like to make it.  Sorry I can't specify amounts, but I
just dump the spices in &amp; add accordingly to taste.  In the end it has a
pinkish colour to it ( I know.....ick! but it's really good) &amp; a unique
garlicky flavor.

Boil 5 lbs of potatoes &amp; cut into chunks when cool. 

Add:  7 hard boiled eggs, chopped up (make 8 &amp; save one for garnish)
1 bunch green onions, sliced small
about 12 radishes, diced real small
1 large dill pickle, diced real small
garlic powder
seasoning salt
a small amount of onion powder
enough miracle whip to make the mixture moist 


From: yuko <yuko[at]>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 23:58:38 GMT
I also like to add chunky bits of ham.


From: May's Pearls of Wisdom <veckerts[at]>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 15:58:47 -0800
Really nice potato salad

3 lbs potatoes
hard boiled eggs
crumbled bacon
green onions
sour cream

Boil and peel the potatoes.  I prefer them sliced.  Mix equal parts of
mayonnaise and sour cream.  Add to mayo/sour cream mixture the rest of
ingredients except eggs.  Mix dressing into the warm potatoes and then add
the eggs.  I use warm potatoes so the flavoring of the dressing is absorbed
into the potatoes.

I use about 1/2 cup each of mayo and sour cream with 1 tbs. of horseradish.
Add the rest of the ingredients to taste.


From: June Meyer <june4[at]>
Date: 3 Apr 1998 21:05:04 GMT
June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Dill Potato Salad (Krumpisalata)
 From "June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipes" cookbook.

Dill plants, green and feathery, tall and swaying in the breeze perfuming
the air in the garden. Whole bunches of dill, three feet long or more
hang drying in the summer kitchen waiting for the harvest canning to
begin. Dill is still a staple in our household. Today, I buy bunches at
the suppermarket and roll and wrap the fronds tightly in aluminum foil to
store in my freezer for use all year round in salads, sauces, dips and

This Dill Potato Salad Recipe is my favorite. It is full of fresh dill
flavor. It is simple to make, embarassingly quick and mouthwatering.

   * 6 red potatos
   * 1/2 small onion
   * 1 Tbls. minced fresh Dill (do not subsitute dry)
   * 3 Tbl. oil, corn or olive is fine
   * 1 and 1/2 Tbl. of good white vinegar (I use Marukan Rice Wine,
Orange label)
   * 1 tsp. sugar
   * salt

Cook potatos in pot of salted water till tender.
Cool enough to handle and peel.
Slice potatos as for salad.
Put potatos into a bowl.
Add diced onion.
Add minced fresh Dill.
Pour oil and vinegar over ingredients in bowl.
sprinkle 1 tsp. suger over all and toss to mix.
Taste and adjust seasoning. More salt or more sugar if needed.
Serve at room temperature. Serves 4.


From: zmtor[at] (Zmtor)
Date: 3 Apr 1998 22:13:47 GMT
To all the recipes Ive seen in respnse to your question the only 
thing we can contribute is what Grandma used to say.  (1) always 
use "new potatoes, they won't fall apart on you", (2) "use *lots* of
choped green onion and half of them finely minced"  (she used a 
curved wooden bowl and a curved chopping knife which we have 
been looking for, inclouding antique shops) and (3) "be sure to use
* Miracle Whip and not mayonnaise.   This is in addition to all the 
good things otheres have alrady said.    Can't say that this is the 
best but she sure made great potato salid.

Jim and Zora-Mae


From: joan3[at] (Joan Ellis)
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 07:41:18 GMT
Zmtor wrote:

>  (she used a 
>curved wooden bowl and a curved chopping knife which we have 
>been looking for, inclouding antique shops) 

Don't forget thrift shops. We got one in the other day with a double
blade and a green painted handle so there are still some around.
(Utensils with green or red painted handles are highly collectible.)

>    Can't say that this is the 
>best but she sure made great potato salid.

This is my method for potato salad. All measurements are approximate.

6 - 8 potatoes (m/l depending on size)
1 red onion
1 -2 tbsp. cider vinegar
1/2 - 1 c. sweet pickle relish (saves on chopping pickles)
6 hard-cooked eggs
1/2 c. Miracle Whip (or whatever it takes)

Scrub potatoes and boil until done. Let cool. Peel if desired. (I
usually peel russets but not red potatoes. It's your call.) Dice or
slice them or cut them into whatever shape strikes your fancy. Chop
the onion and add to the potatoes along with the vinegar. Toss gently
until the pieces of potato are separated. Stir in the pickle and MW.
Add more MW if the salad seems too dry. Chop eggs and mix in gently.
If you like, you can slice 1 or 2 of the eggs to garnish the top. 

Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

This the way I like it. You can add more stuff, celery or peppers or
whatever you want.


From: jampot[at] (Todd)
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 06:41:57 -0500
> (she used a 
>curved wooden bowl and a curved chopping knife which we have 
>been looking for, inclouding antique shops) 

Williams-Sonoma sells a wooden bowl/curved chopping knife.  I forget the
pricing, but I gave the set to my parents a few years back.  They were


From: Liam <saiga[at]>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 00:58:58 -0800
> Williams-Sonoma sells a wooden bowl/curved chopping knife.  I forget the
> pricing, but I gave the set to my parents a few years back.  They were
> thrilled.

Mezzaluna $34.00

Liam, loves his!


From: "Arkie" <arkie[at]>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 23:21:52 GMT
Dave here's a recipe from 5 Roses cook book.  I've never tried it &amp; I think
ya'd better like celery (Ick!!).

Potato Salad

6 medium potatoes
3/4 c slice celery
1/2 c mayonnaise
1/3 c chopped shallots
2 T chopped fresh parsley
1/2 t salt
1/2 t celery seeds
1/4 t pepper

For dryer &amp; tastier potatoes, bake in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil. 
Cool in  fridge, peel &amp; dice.  Add celery.  Combine mayonnaise, shallots,
parsley, salt, celery seed &amp; pepper together.  Add to potatoes.  Check
seasoning.  Chill &amp; keep in fridge until ready to serve.

Makes about 5 cups.
NOTE: chopped hard -boiled eggs &amp; finely chopped sweet pickles may be added
if desired.


From: aquari[at] (Elizabeth Dean Brooks)
Date: 3 Apr 1998 05:16:25 GMT
Here's mine:

Boiled russets, peeled or not, your choice, then chunked
celery, sliced
hard boiled eggs, chunked
yellow onion, chopped
bacon crisp and crumbled (not Bacon Bits)
salt and pepper
Mayo (Best Foods!)
2 tbsp Durkee's Dressing

Chill for a few hours.



From: Helen Watson <helen.watson[at]>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 07:02:00 -0600
These are my favourites:

 New Potato Salad
 By:  Dairy Book of British Food
 Yield:  4-6 servings

  700     	g                   	new potatoes; small
  2       	                    	hard boiled eggs; yolks only
          	large pinch         	cayenne pepper
  1       	teaspoon            	caster sugar
  1/4     	teaspoon            	anchovy essence
  1       	tablespoon          	herb vinegar
  150     	ml                  	double cream
          	                    	fresh chives; snipped for garnish

 Cook the potatoes in their skins in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, until

 Mash the egg yolks, cayenne pepper and sugar to a paste with the anchovy
 essence, vinegar and 1 teaspoon of cold water.  Stir in the cream.

 When the potatoes are cooked, drain thoroughly and toss with the dressing.
 Serve warm or cold, garnished with the snipped chives.


 Replace the cream with soured cream or natural yogurt and substitute the
 anchovy essence for 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs such as tarragon,
 chives, mint or parsley.


 Potato, Chorizo and Red Pepper Salad
 By:  Dairy Diary 1998
 Yield:  4 servings

  150     	g                   	mayonnaise
  75      	ml                  	soured cream
  1/2     	teaspoon            	chilli sauce
  500     	g                   	salad potatoes; cooked, cooled, diced
  110     	g                   	chorizo sausage; chopped
  1       	small               	red pepper; chopped
  3       	tablespoons         	fresh chives; snipped
          	sprinkle            	paprika; for garnish

 Mix mayonnaise, soured cream and chilli sauce together.  Add to the
 potatoes, sausage, red pepper and chives.  Stir well.

 Pile into a serving dish and chill until ready to use.  Just before
 serving, garnish with paprika.


 Grilled Sweet Potato Salad
 By:  Dairy Diary 1997
 Yield:  4 servings

  450     	g                   	sweet potatoes; peeled and sliced
  1       	tablespoon          	olive oil
  225     	g                   	salad leaves
  110     	g                   	cherry tomatoes; halved
  2       	tablespoons         	pumpkin seeds
  2       	teaspoons           	sherry vinegar
  2       	tablespoons         	extra virgin olive oil
  1       	teaspoon            	clear honey

 Preheat grill to a medium heat and brush the potato slices with the olive
 oil.   Season and grill for 10 minutes on each side until tender.

 Arrange salad leaves, tomatoes and seeds on a platter.

 Make the dressing by pouring into a jug and whisking well.   Drizzle over
 the salad leaves.

 Place the hot potato slices on the salad and serve.


 By:  Dairy Book of British Food
 Yield:  8 servings

  1       	2.3 kg              	duckling
  1       	2 kg                	chicken
  450     	g                   	carrots; cut in 1/2 cm batons
  450     	g                   	potatoes; peeled
  150     	ml                  	vegetable oil
  5       	tablespoons         	lemon juice
          	pinch               	mustard powder
          	pinch               	sugar
  450     	g                   	peas; shelled and cooked
  1       	                    	cucumber; sliced
  225     	g                   	tomatoes; thinly sliced
  4       	sticks              	celery; thinly sliced
  4       	                    	eggs; hard boiled (optional)
          	                    	mayonnaise; optional
          	slices              	stuffed olives and radishes; to garnish

 Pre-heat oven to 200 C / 400 F / Gas 6.

 Weigh the duckling, prick the skin all over with a skewer or sharp fork .
 Place breast-side down on a rack in a roasting tin.  Roast in the top of
 the oven, basting occasionally, for 20 minutes per 450g (1 lb).

 Weigh the chicken.  Place in a shallow roasting tin and roast below the
 duck on the lowest shelf of the oven for 20 minutes per 450g (1 lb) plus 20
 minutes.  Cool both for 1-2 hours until cool enough to handle.

 Make a slit along each side of the breast bone of both the chicken and the
 duck.  Remove and discard the skin.

 Carefully remove all the flesh from the carcasses and cut the flesh of the
 birds into thin strips about 5 cm (2 inches) long.

 Cook the carrots in boiling water for 8 minutes until just tender.  Drain
 and rinse in cold water.  Cook the potatoes in boiling water for 15 minutes
 until tender.  Drain and leave to cool, then dice finely.

 Make the dressing by whisking the oil, lemon juice, mustard and sugar

 Choose a large oval platter for making up the salamagundi.  Place the
 potato and peas in the bottom of the dish to give a flat base.  Arrange the
 carrot strips or a layer of cucumber on top, following the oval shape of
 the platter.

 Pour over a little dressing.  Next, arrange a layer of cucumber or carrot,
 slightly inside the first layer so that it may be easily seen.

 Top with more layers of chicken, peas, tomato slices, celery and duck.
 Make each layer smaller than the previous one so that the lowest layers can
 all be seen.  Sprinkle each layer with dressing.  Continue layering until
 all the ingredients are used up.

 If using the eggs, shell and halve them, then top each half with a little
 mayonnaise.  garnish with a few radish slices and stuffed olives, arranged
 around the edge of the dish.


 Basil, Potato and Egg Salad
 By:  Mr. &amp; Mrs. Pro and the crew
 Yield:  4 servings

  575     	g                   	new potatoes; scrubbed and quartered
  175     	ml                  	natural yogurt
  3       	                    	spring onions; finely chopped
  2       	tablespoons         	low calorie mayonnaise; + 2 teaspoons
  1       	tablespoon          	cider or red wine vinegar
  2       	teaspoons           	Dijon or spicy brown mustard
  1       	teaspoon            	basil
  1/4     	teaspoon            	salt
  1/8     	teaspoon            	white pepper
  2       	large               	eggs; hard boiled and chopped
  2       	rashers             	bacon; cooked and crumbled

 In a large saucepan, over high heat, bring potatoes and enough
 water to cover to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for15-20 minutes.
 Drain the potatoes and cool to room temperature.

 Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the yogurt, spring onions,
 mayonaise, vinegar, mustard, basil, salt and pepper. Fold in the eggs and
 bacon. Add the potatoes, and toss gently to coat. Cover and refrigerate at
 least 2 hours before serving.

 Each serving provides:  1 fat, 1/2 protein, 1 bread, 40 calories Per
 serving:  227 calories

 Source:  Weight Watchers Magazine, June 1993


 Greek Potato Salad With Dried Tomatoes
 By:  Internet Chef
 Yield: 4 servings

  450     	g                   	potatoes; cut in 0.5 cm slices
  40      	g                   	sun-dried tomatoes; (not oil-packed)
  4       	tablespoons         	olive oil
  4       	tablespoons         	water
  2 1/2   	tablespoons         	lemon juice
  1       	large clove         	garlic; crushed
  1       	tablespoon          	fresh oregano; chopped
  1       	teaspoon            	salt
  1/2     	teaspoon            	pepper
  1       	                    	seedless cucumber; sliced
  1       	                    	red onion; sliced
  125     	g                   	Feta cheese; crumbled
  50      	g                   	Greek olives; pitted

 In 2 litre saucepan over a medium heat, cook the potatoes, covered, in 5
 cm boiling water until tender, about 12 minutes; drain and set
 aside. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, cover the tomatoes with boiling water;
 set aside for 10 minutes while you prepare the dressing.

 In large bowl whisk together the olive oil, water, lemon juice, garlic,
 oregano and seasoning.

 Thoroughly drain the tomatoes and pat dry with paper towels. Add potatoes,
 tomatoes and cucumbers to the bowl containing the dressing; toss to coat.
 Mound potato mixture on a plate. Arrange the onion, cheese and olives on

 Source: The Potato Board



From: zanzibar <lander[at]>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 17:40:17 -0600
All of these recipes are more American in style.  My favorite is german
style-- or so I'm told.

Slice some cooked (but not TOO cooked) new potatoes into a dish, add a
generous amount oil and vinegar, salt n pepper to taste, chopped
parsely, chopped basil, and some dill if you like.  Magnifique!  Or...


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